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View Diary: The Wisconsin Teacher Story Nobody is Covering (80 comments)

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    Two Wisconsin teachers in this family.  If this is what comes to pass, and we always knew it could, it will be far worse than the underpaid Professors at the Universities.  Don't get me wrong, the salaries at the UW system are an embarrassment to the state.  Our profs should are way behind and why they stay I can't begin to understand.

    However, this is about actually taking money away.  My family has two teachers, top of the salary schedule, 3 masters degrees, a National Board certification and hopefully one on the way in November.  Should our district decide to fully implement a policy as stated above, our income loss would be about $45,000.  And that, my friends, means we lose the house.  Pure and simple.  And we won't be alone.  It will be the educational equivalent of the "China Syndrome".  

    Wisconsin, Forward!

    by astroguy on Wed Apr 25, 2012 at 04:54:00 AM PDT

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