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View Diary: Mitt Romney outraged over reminder that he was wrong about bin Laden strategy (200 comments)

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  •  What worries me is that there are 100 others (0+ / 0-)

    ready and willing to step into his sandals. Consider the idiotic "We fight them over there so they won't follow us home" idea, that a 6-yr-old could see through. Did the Bushies really believe--or rather, expect Ma and Pa America to believe--that every last militant would stay put, joyously killing our soldiers, instead of having many get into this country by one means or another?

    I keep trying to tell my very extremely Republican friend J. that the actors for the next attack are in place and have doubtless been there for some time, awaiting the signal. It could be an attack on a reactor site, something that kills vast numbers of crops, a cyber attack, who knows? My point is that there are more people out there than ever who wish us harm, and things like Abu Ghraib didn't help win hearts and minds.  J.'s having none of it, I should mention.

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