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  •  I had to report a bus driver once (6+ / 0-)

    A woman got on with a Regional Transit Discount card -- it's a photo ID that entitled the possessor to pay discount bus fares on transit here in the Bay Area. The driver totally laid into the person, accusing her of cheating the system because she "didn't look disabled". Even though my spouse was at the time a work colleague of that person, I still submitted a report.

    The procedure for getting a Regional Transit Discount card, or to qualify to use Outreach (transportation service for the disabled) is pretty thorough; you have to bring in doctor's certification and have a personal interview. At least for Outreach, the representatives will come to your residence to do the interview if you can't get to one of the locations where they do the processing (they came to my mother-in-law's at least). But it's the sort of thing you really can't fake especially since you also have your photo on the card.

    In the case of the passenger, she had a heart disability and the medications she took disqualified her from driving. She was so upset after the haranguing she took that she could hardly breathe. When I told my spouse about the incident, he not only encouraged me to file the report but also said he would not only have done the same thing but as a fellow driver he would have read the guy the riot act. I never saw that particular driver again so I think he may have been terminated -- someone like that should not be working with the public anyway.

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