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  •  Modern sports journalism is just as bad (5+ / 0-)
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    dannyinla, TomP, christine20, elwior, caryltoo

    Nobody looks at the present or even the past--- it's all about being making predictions, trying to angle yourself to be the one who saw the future.  That's why there's so much obsession over draft day (yawn), and rating prospects, and all that.  

    The problem is that most predictions are wrong, but no one is held accountable for it.  Who cares if you were wrong 97% of the time, so long as you were able to make a case.

    The sophists have won.  For now, I hope.

    Conservatives need to realize that their Silent Moral Majority is neither silent, nor moral, nor a majority.

    by nominalize on Wed May 02, 2012 at 01:12:32 PM PDT

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    •  Just for yucks, at the end of last season, (4+ / 0-)
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      TomP, lunachickie, mickT, elwior

      I went back and looked at the Super Bowl predictions that everyone made at the start of the year.  Of about two dozen sports geniuses, NOT ONE of them correctly called the two Super Bowl teams. NOT ONE put the Giants in (much less to win!). And only a couple put the Patriots in. They are on a par with the political geniuses who are wrong about everything... and never held accountable for their past failings.

    •  As a former sportswriter I totally agree with you. (0+ / 0-)

      The problem is that spouting off opinion and being loud and/or colorful while doing it, gets you noticed, and that seems to be the goal these days -- getting a spot on TV or radio is more lucrative than writing.

      It's a frivolous way to cover anything, but at least in sports it's relatively harmless. Covering politics that way leaves the public misinformed, which in some ways is worse than uninformed.

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