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  •  They don't subscribe to any of the services (0+ / 0-)

    so, they won't get listed.

    But, considering Time Warner  is on the verge of dropping them because of low viewership, I doubt Current would really want those numbers published.

    Time Warner cites Keith Olbermann as the one thing keeping Current above water.. Ooops!

    Exclusive: Low ratings could end cable deal for Gore's Current TV

    "Time Warner Cable has been flirting with the idea of pulling Current off its systems for some time now," said one of the sources, who all spoke on condition of anonymity.
    If it was not for Olbermann's show, which averaged a total of 177,000 viewers per night, Current TV likely would have missed Time Warner Cable's viewership benchmark, said one of the sources.

    The appointment of Spitzer, another outspoken news commentator, led to speculation among Time Warner Cable executives that Current is courting controversy to attract viewers.

    Based on the 47,000 total viewers who tuned into the initial broadcasts of Spitzer's "Viewpoint," the source said that "just enough people are tuning in to keep Current over the quota."

    •  And to put those numbers in perspective (1+ / 0-)
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      Jerry J

      177,000 for Olberman is woeful.

      Last night, the CW's ratings-anemic show LA COMPLEX got 580,000 viewers. HGTV's 8P airing of "STORAGE WARS" had 300,000 viewers. SYFY's "FACT OR FAKED" had 300,000.  

      47,000 viewers for Spitzer is embarrassing.  

      Right now on YouTube - "Mike Bibby throws Dwayne Wade's shoe into first row" has 152,255 views.  Three times an episode of Spitzer, and nearly equal to Olberman.

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