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View Diary: Friendly Advice to CNN -- Change Everything (230 comments)

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    CNN has been trying so hard the last 8-9 years to make it look like they don't favor those "damn liberals".  It is like they really started believing that Fox News was fair and balanced and they were the bad guys.   Or more likley they thought they could somehow capture the sheeple that watch Fox News by watering down the programming?  

    So what was the result?  Their craptacular programming that desperately tries to portray everything as equally and makes no judgements or casts no blame has created zero following.  CNN primetime is a total snooze fest and utterly vapid.  They put themselves in a political limbo and quickly are risking becoming has beens.  

    And you know what is sad?  Despite their efforts and despite their eroding ratings, every single person they were trying to appease still views them as the leftist liberal lamestream media.  It got them nothing from the people on the right.  NOTHING.  Heck, to those people CNN is still the Communist News Network.

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