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  •  Ahh, cats (6+ / 0-)

    Condolences to you. It heart wrenching when these dear friends pass.

    I live with my cousin who has several cats, including a feral one that never allows human contact. She found her way into the house and never left.

    A few weeks ago we began re-doing our kitchen. Tearing out walls and putting in new ones, new cabinets, tiling the floor. During the construction, Ernie --the feral cat-- disappeared. We feared she'd run outside when the doors were open for a while so materials could enter and garbage leave.

    Last night we heard her mewling. She was stuck behind one of the walls. So we tore open the wall, and there she was, her orange fur now blackened by almost two weeks in the walls.

    Problem is, she goes under the floor boards too, and won't come out while we're around, even for food and water. Cousin set a cat trap, and we're hoping she'll come out to the trap to get nourishment. She looks amazingly well for not having eaten or drunk in two weeks. Now if she would just emerge. We're hoping the two other house cats, whom she loves, will coax her out.

    Meanwhile, the kitchen renovation is brought to a standstill while we wait for this pest to let us return her to a health life.

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