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  •  Excellent post, Gooserock! (14+ / 0-)

    De-regulation of markets and finance is the thing I hate the most, and the thing government can best be doing to protect the economy and the 99%. In Clinton's defense, I think we've learned a lot about the harms of de-regulation since he was President.  

    It is just amazing to me that almost half the country doesn't, now, after all we've been through, understand that Republicans stand for de-regulation, and that's what caused the Great Recession in housing and finance.

    P.S. kirbybruno, I had not seen that photograph before reading your diary. Thank you very much.

    "I'm Mitt Romney, and I'm the real Mitt Romney. All the other Mitt Romneys are just mass-debating." -- Mittbot ver.12.0

    by Tortmaster on Thu May 03, 2012 at 03:39:53 PM PDT

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