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View Diary: Wall Street hires violent union busting Pinkerton's to save them from OWS. History repeats itself (256 comments)

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  •  I See Your State of Mind, But Just A Daydream (5+ / 0-)

    ... kinda the thoughts you might want to keep to yourself, at least until thought-crime is prosecutable.  The ass-kissing fascist worshiping news media will line up right behind them against you along with most of the public whether you're in a coffin with your family standing in tears, in the ICU beaten to a pulp or shot, or 'just' in jail.

    Goons, being true to the nature of goons, are looking for that exact response to justify the response they long to dish out in their wet dreams.  What drives a person to even want to be a private thug?  Probably more often than not some policeman wannabee loser who either couldn't make the grade or was too bat shit crazy with an attitude and a desire to kick some ass?  

    Had there been any proven attack by the Kent State protesters prior to their being gunned down, their cause would be lost.  Look what's happened with Zimmerman/Martin case in Florida and think about if the kid had so much as a pocket knife on him.

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