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View Diary: OMG!! I heard a new Right Wing Conspiracy Theory today from a delusional “bagger?” (315 comments)

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  •  Geez (2+ / 0-)
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    jan4insight, ER Doc

    I thought everybody already knew this sh*t.  He's going to move the White House to Kenya, he's going to change our national language to pig Latin, and he's going to release the Kraken to devour all white people over 50.  Just in case any Tea Party folk are reading, (I know it's a stretch), this is my lame attempt at humor.

    •  To be fair to the RW blowhard, (3+ / 0-)
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      cosette, ER Doc, tobendaro

      there is a Spanish company that does handle some internet voting (Scytl is the company's name) for different organizations/governments.

      They handled the internet voting for the social democrat party in Canada, when they had a vote for a new leader (the New Democrats).

      They did a great job.  Except the system was Ddos'd during the vote, making everything very very slow.

      Took hours for some of us to vote.

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