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View Diary: I've finally had it with Andrea Mitchell's MSNBC ad (182 comments)

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  •  Lately Stewart has been King of False Equivalency (0+ / 0-)

    Last night he was begging Congress to have a real discussion on the question of whether we pay for lower Student Loan rates with cuts to other Social programs or by closing loop holes on the rich. After he mocked the GOP for referring to funds for Women's Preventative Health Care as a slush fund, He mocked a Democratic Representative who was accurately pointing out the GOP proposal would help students by hurting low-income Women. For the past week, I've found myself wondering if Stewart himself feel compelled to mock Democrats when it is uncalled for or if somebody else at the Network is forcing him to be more fair and balanced. I'm all for mocking Democrats and Progressives when it is called for but lately his choices have been dishonest and not at all funny.

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