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View Diary: Dear Tim Carney: Pucker Your Silly Lips and Kiss My Feminist Ass (104 comments)

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  •  rec'd for heading, alone (9+ / 0-)

    When I used the same 'kiss my ass' phrase in the title of my Diary of March 2009 on healthcare reform, I was roundly denounced for it and got 4 Hide Ratings in my tip jar (from Marcus Tullius, Maimonides, Larry Madill, and desnyder). I revised my Diary to delete the 'offending' headline -- although I think this was not the underlying issue they objected to.

    Agreed with you about the 'war on women' -- certainly including in healthcare!

    I still think the Obama Admin could have accomplished much more in healthcare reform if Gov Dean had been appointed HHS Secretary instead of Gov Sebelius, and given free reign to educate the American public about it. (I still think he could, if the President called and promised him support in the second Obama Administration.) An actual medical doctor, with a wife who is also a medical doctor, who achieved affordable quality healthcare in his state, as a centrist governor -- the ideal HHS candidate. It was part of the mistaken pattern of conciliation, attempted 'bipartisanship,' 'reaching out to Republicans', 'no drama', etc. that Rahm Emanuel and the DLC championed. The GOP response was to trash our President, our economy, our Party and our country in order to try and make him look bad, and to launch the war on women. I still blame Rahm for refusing Dean that HHS role, out of personal spite. F*ck you, Rahm, and kiss my ass, you petty, self-promoting Chicago pol. In short, I stand by my Diary.

    Kudos to you, VetGirl! Rant on!

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