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  •  I believe that it is, in part, generational (14+ / 0-)

    Not just an influence of regional culture. Add the two together, however, and... well it's not 1 x 1, more like 2 squared (at least).

    I'm the third child, by 11 years. So my parents are VERY much older than those of my contemporaries. When I was young, I was told that I was "not allowed" to be mad at my father. In fact, being angry in general wasn't something that my mother was thrilled with.

    That's changed over time, but I do think it is, in part, a remnant of the 50s/60s culture (the mythical 60s didn't start until very late in the decade).

    And then I think of all the recent psychology/biology studies about the differences between the the conservative/liberal mindset... That the conservative mind is fear-based/resistant to change/hierarchical/authority-driven and I think... If this is hardwired into you, what the hell is the solution?

    Weirdly, though, my dad has gotten liberal as he's gotten older. For a while, he scared me and we had some knock-down drawn outs, and I figured I needed to give up too.

    But he
    * has always been pro-choice
    * very much supported my athletic endeavors
    * truly believed that his children (male or female) could "do anything"
    * never played favorites among his siblings
    * honest-to-god loves his kids

    And then George HW Bush came along (Bush Sr). God did my father hate that man. Anything HW said/believed my father's instinct was to go as far in the opposite direction he could get.

    My dad went from being a pretty bigoted ass on quite a few subjects -- his opinions on South Africa/apartheid were repugnant to me -- to being a liberal who now believes that he:

    * introduced me to the Daily Show
    * has always been reading (liberal) blogs
    * personally discovered Rachel Maddow (not really, but...)

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