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  •  Give It Some Time....And Some Healing Distance (2+ / 0-)
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    Ms Pris, Oh Mary Oh

    This may be what is needed.  My daughter regularly banishes us, & at times her sister.

    Not wanting to create a rift because we all love her two little daughters, we have swept it under the rug for years.
    The pattern is months go by, then she sends pictures of the girls to us & her sister....we all cave.

    This last time, the pictures didn't work.  This time the elephant in the room has gotten too big, much too big because of a horrible email from her husband.

    That email was the last straw.  However, we are emailing & staying in touch.  But I don't things will ever be the same after that email.  

    We'll see.  Her sister is getting married in October.  We'll see.  

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