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  •  Take the above paragraph, (3+ / 0-)
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    and substitute Bush for Romney, and tell me if you still think that couldn't happen.  Because it did already.  The people who run this party are as well-entrenched and difficult to remove as barnacles on a blue whale's taint.

    I still recall when we made those big Congressional and Senate wins in 2006.  We can thank two people for that: George W. Bush for being such an unmitigated asshole, and Howard Dean for fighting and pursuing a 50 state strategy that the taint barnacles like Rahm Emmanuel and Ed Rendell were saying that it was a disastrously bad idea.  Late election night, when it was obvious we had pulled off a major win, Rahm Emmanuel was putting out press releases congratulating himself for his keen wisdom in promoting centrist blue dog candidates like Heath Shuler (who later betrayed us on key votes and then decided even later to not run again, big gain there, huh?)  of whom he was particularly proud.  In fact, that became the dominant media message for the next two weeks: How Democrats had recovered the House BY MOVING TO THE CENTER AND AWAY FROM THE LEFT.  That was the message that they wanted to put out, and they succeeded in that, and everybody on the left was so busy congratulating themselves and having an after-sex smoke that they didn't watch what was happening.

    I tell you... the worst screw jobs of the Democratic Party come in November right after the elections.  That's when the professional barnacles really do their worst stuff, and nobody pays any attention to it because we're all pooped from working to elect people.

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