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View Diary: Two More Large Corporations Quit ALEC, Rocking the Conservative Group (19 comments)

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  •  Unfortunately I agree, MJ. Many of ALEC's (5+ / 0-)

    corporate and legislative members are also members of the ultra secretive Council for National Policy (CNP) - an organization ALEC founder, Paul Weyrich also helped create:

    Top Republicans were quickly recruited to fill in the gaps; hard-right thinkers met up with sympathetic politicians. And suddenly, the right had a counterpart to liberal policy groups. Christian activist Paul Weyrich took responsibility for bringing together the best minds of conservatism, and his imprint on the group's mission is unmistakable: It provided a forum for religiously engaged conservative Christians to influence the geography of American political power.
    This article by ABC News is an important read for those wanting to understand ALEC's place in the ultra-conservative world of politics.

    Their membership list is secret and if a member actually admits to being a member, they are immediately expelled.  Here is a list of CNP members from several years ago before they went entirely underground.

    This tidbit was found at the above link and I believe is very important to understanding CNP, ALEC and the far right make-up and agenda...:

    "Paul Weyrich also sponsored and currently works closely with Laszlo Pasztor, a convicted Austrian Nazi-collaborator whose Coalitions of the Americas is housed as a subsidiary in the Free Congress Foundation, the political arm of Heritage Foundation. From 1993 through 1995, Heritage received a total of $1 million via Sun Myung Moon's Korea Foundation which is funded by South Korea's Foreign Ministry and is an affiliate of the South Korean government."

    "Inmates should be reformed - not recycled"

    by Bob Sloan on Thu May 31, 2012 at 10:51:23 AM PDT

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