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    I'm guessing your Dad feels like he is a self made man.

    I'm guessing he feels like he deserves more than he has because he has worked so hard, he has spent so many years working and acting responsibly.

    I'm guessing he feels like he has core values, that he has played by the rules he learned growing up, that life has been tough, and has not turned out as promised.

    I'm guessing he thinks this is unfair, and the only way it makes sense to him is if someone else is cheating the system, that the problem must be with some other group of people, some other, that upsets his idyllic sense of justice and should be blamed for not playing by the rules like he has.

    I'm guessing Walker has offered up such a group, that resolves the cognitive dissonance that has been eating at him, that him and his friends can get mad at, and shake their heads at, and blame, and feel good about blaming.

    I'm guessing that wonderful cathartic feeling of knowing the solution trumps the thought that the finger Walker is pointing is at you father, you mother, your family, the very people that play by the rules.

    I'm guessing that as long as Democrats talk in cold facts and Republicans connect with feelings and emotion and values, they will always slaughter us at the polls, even if those emotions are hate and blame and ugliness.

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      He does think he is self-made.  He completely dismisses the idea that health care is rationed now and that we don't all get what we deserve.  And when we don't get what we "deserve" it's because some undocumented worker or welfare queen is stealing.

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