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  •  Because they think they will be (6+ / 0-)

    the conquerors.

    People do not seem to understand that when union wages are higher, EVERYONE'S wages are higher.  It is a lesson that has been lost, bit by bit, over the last 32 years.  

    I blame complacency, greed, jealousy and that order.

    When folks can't even agree on what the facts are because everyone has their own website, we have much bigger problems than a lost election.

    David Koch is fucking Longshanks, and Occupy is the real Braveheart.

    by PsychoSavannah on Wed Jun 06, 2012 at 05:36:58 AM PDT

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    •  a lot of union members are social conservatives (2+ / 0-)
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      OhioNatureMom, Onomastic

      It's a discomfiting fact for anyone who has canvassed/ doorbelled among union-households. A lot of the GOPs 'wedge' issues are designed to exploit this. In the precincts I walked in 2008, the majority of union members opposed gay marriage, pregnancy choice, gun-control, taxes, etc.

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