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    is what your comment does. It repeats, willy-nilly all the propaganda points put forth by the media, which unquestioningly believe anything that an 'activist" tells them. Funny how they are called "activists" now. Not 'rebels' or "insurgents" but the much softer, misty-eyed 'activist".

    I did not notice you calling for similar reactions against the latest massacre by US drones of over 28 Afgani civilians. But hey, may be there was a "militant" among them, ie, military age male?

    To your first point - the government forces did indeed warn the UN observers that the region is dangerous (why wouldn't it be risky to travel with all the al-qaeda and other terrorist affiliated foreign 'activists" injected into the area, courtesy of Qatar, saudi Arabia, Libya, the US and UK?). However, they were NOT prevented from moving forward, only warned. When they encountered "small arms: fire, just who is most likely to have such arms? what makes you so sure it was the same government soldiers who just warned them? and why on earth would anyone in the Syrian military wish to precipitate an incident with the UN? you may have forgotten not long ago when UN observers were outright attacked and some killed by the "rebels". Or was it "activists"?

    So far, zero proof - based on your own interpretation - that there was a massacre and that if there was one, it was committed by anyone affiliated with the Assad government or acting for them (such as the mysterious alawite militia who materialized out of nowhere).

    And just how "popular" were those opposition rallies? indications are that while there is and was opposition to Assad, it was not the massive uprising you and the MCM suggest. certainly not one tenth as popular - relative percentage wise) as the uprising against Bahrain's despotic monarchial regime - about whose brutality you are not commending us to exert our sympathies nearly as keenly (could it be because they are allies of the current US regime? hey since we are using 'regime' so freely.... we too have a corporate regime, whoever is the president....).

    I think if you cared to read a little more broadly, not just the regurgitated propaganda you've been fed from seemingly all corners, you might get a different picture of the complexities in Syria a year ago, and what's going on now.

    My contention is not that the assad government is great but that it is no worse than Jordan's, which is similarly ruled - absolutely - by a monarch from a minority demography. many citizens unhappy with that/ sure! but why aren't we supporting the protesters in Jordan, where opposition was put down rather forcefully as well?  Basically I doubt you care a hoot about Syria or Syrians and I am suggesting that you are promoting an agenda, the end point of which is violent intervention a la Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, Somalia and the like.

    As you throw your lot with the great empire, you are at least consistent. It's just that we are no longer buying what you have to sell. Sorry. may be you might be luckier over at the right wing blogs?

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      should say 18 Afgan civilians, for the most recent incident.

      But pray do tell - say there were 40 Syrians "massacred" by Assad  "regime". So, are you concerned more for them than the Afganis - for which massacre we actually have proof (though - ouch - it's from "locals") because it was not by drone? or is it that you have numerical thresholds for outrage - say - under 20 is whatever, but over 30 - that's an atrocity!

      So is it the method or the number of massacred by which you weigh your outrage/

      just wondering....

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