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View Diary: Breitbart's people at Netroots (updated with twitter responses) (175 comments)

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    intentionally from the actual problem/crisis - The almost indistinguishable differences between the two parties on issues of war, the uniform attitude of nearly all the elected federal office holders about observing and respecting constitutional protections and limits, about endless, aggressive, senseless war and military spending, about the problem of 88 percent of all private wealth in the U.S. concentrated in just 20 percent of the population, about the obviousness that there is only one party with two right wings.

    As long as you fall for reacting to this sort of meaningless tribalism, the longer it will be until change can even begin.
    The results of the actual deeds accomplished by Obama and almost all of the politicians he leads on the federal level are so close to what is espouse and accomplished by Dana Loach and the politicians and policies she and the media who employ her, strive to preserve and extend, should be proof enough, except possibly if you possess a fertile uterus, should be enough to persuade that all of these monsters are your political adversaries.
    Quit reacting to garbage threads and contrived divisions, this is not a sports event, it is a life or death struggle to keep the last 12 percent of wealth still in the hands of the great mass of us, at least as a realistic beginning.....

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