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  •  JD, closure is important for many (23+ / 0-)

    Obviously, getting support shortly after an attack, having a chance to recover without being accused of some crime, and avoiding the stigma are all good.

    Time cannot but help, in most cases. One reason that WWI and WWII vets were able to self-help with their cases of PTSD was because of the shared horrors, AND the long boat trips home. Cathartic, awareness, shared experiences, and shared support helped a hell of a lot.

    In child abuse cases, that common experience and search fo relief is a lot harder to find. What, people will seek help from their local priest? In this day and age? Yeah, right. (Thanks to the jury for today's conviction, by the way)

    One of the most disturbing events I experienced as a lawyer was the deposition of a victim. She was repeatedly raped by her dad for a decade, until she got pregnant and moved out. Her dad-rapist ADOPTED her two kids, and on their 4th birthday, as their present began raping them nightly. Only when the daughter reached 14 and she complained to her best friend that "pop" really hurt her down there the night before, did anyone suspect.  His wife claimed that she never suspected anything.

    Luckily, the police somehow forgot to remove his shoe laces and belt when they put him in custody. I suspect the 10,000 polaroids of his daughter, his grandkids, and about half a dozen neighbors' kids helped them forget their normal procedure. For reasons unknown he did not survive the first night in custody. suicide, it seems, was his fate.

    But the daughter blamed herself for two things. One, she never complained about dad. Not even after ten years of nightly rape and sodomy. Even worse, her drug abuse and depression kept her from complaining about him adopting her kids. I frankly cannot think of one social or support group that could offer the kind of support that she and her kids could use. But, could they all use it.

    I do know one thing, between my contacts with the Catholic Church litigation and this case, I may see red a bit too easily when it comes to child abuse.

    It seems, JD, that you have done well, and come to terms to some very bad events. Congrats, best wishes, and please know you have many people's support here.

    What we call god is merely a living creature with superior technology & understanding. If their fragile egos demand prayer, they lose that superiority.

    by agnostic on Fri Jun 22, 2012 at 02:43:10 PM PDT

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