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View Diary: Ann Romney's drugged horse, Super Hit. (287 comments)

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  •  My 2 cents (14+ / 0-)

    A buyer even of an 'inexpensive' horse should always pay for a vet check.  It should always include a Coggin's test for EIA and a basic exam.  A horse owner is making a commitment to that animal for it's care and step one is a vet exam before purchase.  The commitment is $. time, and love and is a big deal.  

    Unless you are a sleazeball like Willard and his plastic wife.  Then it all about $ turnaround.

    •  It still may depend on the ultimate (0+ / 0-)

      purpose of the purchase and who you're buying it from. And if the horse has had regular veterinary care up until the purchase, a Coggins, etc, should be on file. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this approach with a buyer you have no previous relationship with ;-)

      And you'll never be able to move a horse to a new (boarding) barn/across state lines without a Coggins anyway. Also, rabies vaccination, etc.

      But there are less and more expensive ways to do a PPE, and the expense is going to be larger in proportion to the price you're paying AND whether you want to be able to compete (and win) with it, and at what level.

      A horse is going to need veterinary care, so it's not as if NOT doing a PPE means you're ignoring the horse's health.

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