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View Diary: Ann Romney's drugged horse, Super Hit. (287 comments)

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  •  I have the feeling this story was not supposed to (14+ / 0-)

    go public - because in exchange for taking Ann's name off a lawsuit, it was dropped, and I'll guess a Romney check was informally cut for reimbursement.

    Mitt was running for President.  Ann's name has to come off so press can't find old lawsuit.

    Trainer gets selected for Olympics.  Press digs.  Finds Ann Romney's name on "expert witness" statement.

    Big whoops.

    The right wing are falling all over themselves to blame the purchaser, and the vet.  No problem with trainer or Romney's.  Romney's didn't know, doncha know!

    Sigh.  I'm not buyin' it.

    2012: the Year of the Voting Woman. And by the way, Republicans ... we're pretty pissed about what you've done to our country. Republican Party Motto: "Tax the poor, gift the rich"

    by mumtaznepal on Fri Jun 22, 2012 at 03:24:06 PM PDT

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    •  could reflect the trainer's relations with Ann & M (0+ / 0-)

      They may have been lying to them about the horse... thhe may have been negligent and the horse was injured at some point, over stressed, not looked after properly... BUT it could also have something to do with the demands of Ann and hubby... a person who "likes to fire" may have an unhealthy relationship with the "help"... demands and impatience and not liking bad news... the help covers up to save their necks from an unreasonable boss...

      This is just conjecture... but the dynamics of "out of touch boss" who just demands results without wanting to bother with details of what is possible or reasonable is not uncommon among the stridently and pushily rich...

      There could have been situations where the horse (and other horses) were not up to a competition or regular exercise/training and Ann etc... would not take such info very well and demand that things be magically fixed... these things start small... "Get the horse ready" in time... you CAN do that can't you? what do we pay you for.?.. And over time the unwise exceptions that worked out once get repeated and become more and more routine until the point of no return is reached... Ann wants to sell the horse. Does it just seem to her as if it has just lost some edge? Or she wants to sell it before it gets too old? Does she know the true situation? Is it just the trainer trying to cover up one last time for the damage he or she was a party to and the whole process of not being the bearer of bad news blows up?

      So was Ann the unwitting creator of an atmosphere that inevitably led to this mess? Or was she a knowing or part knowing "win at all costs" competitor who pushed to have horses compete when they should have been ruled out due to medical problems? And while knowing that the horse was not 100%... was the trainer covering up the real extent? When the horse was put up for sale did Ann think it was just going to be a teeny bit of odometer turning back? just a bit of paint over a rust spot instead of a blatant thing like Sawdust in the crankcase and having to turn back the clock by 100k instead of just 20k? A small lie by the boss may need bigger ones from subordinates to make things like this more likely to work.

      A human athlete who "plays through the pain"... on pain killers can destroy their career with permanent damage and it can be their own bad choice or their coaches demand or expectation (want to win the big one etc.)... the same thing happens with horses (only it is not them making the choice)... the denial of a problem and wishful thinking... what worked before will work again, just this once... and the next... until it hits a wall of reality...

      Pogo & Murphy's Law, every time. Also "Trust but verify" - St. Ronnie (hah...)

      by IreGyre on Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 02:43:14 AM PDT

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