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    Lujane, commonmass

    During the past 40 years, the Democratic Party has become less of a "big tent" party that welcomed Southern Democrats.  So many "yellow Dog Democrats" in Texas quit voting for the Yellow Dog.

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      spacecadet1, glorificus, Fiona West

      The Republican Party took a large chunk of previously Southern white Democratic voters by selling a platform of racism, sexism, and anti-gay bigotry.  That was "The Southern Strategy", and it worked. There are still lots of Southern Democrats who feel perfectly at home in the party; it's just that they don't form a majority in any of the former Slave States.

      As Texas' demographics shift, though, that is likely to change.  Why do you think that the two most aggressive recent Republican proponents of real immigration reform (George W. Bush and Karl Rove) came from Texas?

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