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  •  It's not only WalMart's workers (2+ / 0-)
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    who are not unionized, but their suppliers.  The more devastating effect WalMart has had on unions is their massive influence on their suppliers.  Because of their unmatched footprint and buying power, WalMart can squeeze their suppliers for lower and lower prices, and get them by any means necessary.  For many manufacturers, if you aren't at WalMart, you aren't in business, so they almost always succumb to WalMart's pressure to wring out a few more pennies per unit.  This has been a major driver in consumer goods manufacturing going overseas, and the resulting hollowing out of the middle class.

    A great Frontline episode which highlights how WalMart pushes its suppliers to move manufacturing overseas in order to meet their price demands:  Link

    You're right -- check those labels - there is next to nothing "Made in USA" at WalMart.

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