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  •  My point of quoting a 1950s union song was this: (1+ / 0-)
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    By the time Lay it On the Ground was written ... Organized Labor represented about a third of non-government workers and exercised enormous political clout -- directed by an at least nominally grass roots democratic process.

    So ... this was a happy song -- smug even -- snarking at reactionaries who had equated Unionism with the Communist Internationale -- AND WHO HAD LOST!

    But, with one thing and another we've returned to the situation in which each worker must "negotiate" separately with her/his employer for "what the market decides" -- take it or leave it

    As it was when this song was written

    Solidarity Forever

    When the Union's inspiration in the Workers' blood shall run
    There can be no  Power greater anywhere beneath the sun
    Yet what could be as helpless as the feeble strength of one ?
    But the Union makes us strong

    Solidarity Forever
    Solidarity Forever
    Solidarity Forever
    For the Union makes us strong.

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