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  •  Wrong. Questioning evidence is what I'm doing. (4+ / 0-)
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    nickrud, Tonga 23, Denver11, Hey338Too

    The original diary does not present any objective evidence. It cites assertions by a well known writer of crime & punishment pot-boilers and an anti-Vatican scandal rag. David Yallop should not be anyone's standard of reliable evidence, unless you are aiming for a John Stossel level of 'accuracy'.

    Don't get me wrong; as I've said above, I despise current Vatican leadership. Actual real world evidence indicates that it is breathtakingly incompetent, grotesquely devoted to shielding pedophiles from prosecution, and financially corrupt.

    But this diary makes extraordinary claims, ranging from diplomatic skullduggery to the supposed murder of a Pope(!) without presenting any actual evidence beyond third-hand unsubstantiated assertions by 'journalists' with quite dubious track records.

    •  Yet you claim "real world evidence" without (4+ / 0-)
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      blueoasis, SeaTurtle, G2geek, KenBee

      citations that the Vatican is "breathtakingly incompetent, grotesquely devoted to shielding pedophiles and financially corrupt" and then claim that I am making "extraordiary claims" about "diplomatic skullduggery" and a "supposed murder"?

      •  I didn't write a diary, friend. Burden's on you. (1+ / 0-)
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        I didn't put unsupported assertions out there as the body of a published Daily Kos diary for public comment. Doing so requires a level of evidence & documentation of inflammatory assertions, or you take your lumps.

        I could spend the next two days listing documentation for my comments; I would start with Gary Wills' wonderful book Papal Sin, which goes into great detail about the Banco Ambrosiano scandal among other topics. But life's too short for me to spend more time on this. And I didn't write a diary requiring some evidence to back up its extraordinary claims.

        Did I write anything that is factually incorrect?
        I believe you are descending to the ad hominen here.

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