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  •  Weyrich recruited Falwell because the neocons (7+ / 0-)

    needed conservative Protestants to vote Republican. There were never enough Catholics to carry a national election.

    Catholic bishops appointed by Roncalli and Montini were politically active but in the cause of labor, civil rights, anti-nuclear and for peace especially in Latin America during the Reagan administration. JPII changed the U.S. episcopate from liberal to tea party.

    •  As a former Catholic it saddens me to see what (4+ / 0-)
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      SeaTurtle, G2geek, cacamp, KenBee

      has happened to the Catholic Church. In Chicago there was a cardinal named Joseph Bernardine. He was tolerant open and kind. He also faced the beginning of the child abuse scandal head on. He pursued a policy of openness and asked for forgiveness for the Church. He also instituted a policy that any priest accused of abuse be turned over to the authorities. Instead of denying the problem he worked with groups like SNAP. And he was over ruled by Rome. They stopped him cold in his tracks. He was also the president of the US Conference of Bishops when they publicly denounced Reagan's nuclear weapons policy.

      Of course after he died he was replaced by an arch conservative Francis George who has made a mockery of Bernardine's legacy.

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