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View Diary: New Information Emerges on Pope John Paul II (308 comments)

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  •  You see I agree with you that he was a bad pope (0+ / 0-)

    but I tend to think he was more responsible for the problems than you do. I think he damn well knew about the child abuse and acted the way he did intentionally. There is no job manual for the job of pope. Each pope basically defines the job his way. He uses the Curia or the Curia uses him. There was much corruption and he chose to ignore it. He decided it was more important to chase his Marian devotion and leave the day to day business to the Curialists. They run the church anyway. The entire leadership of the church from assistant bishop on up should resign and spend the rest of their sorry lives on their knees begging Gods forgiveness in a monks cell or prison cell. Prayer and contemplation. Let some new people figure out how to save the church.

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