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  •  Banks used to be dull - now they help the 1% (16+ / 0-)

    How did the 1% pull off the income transfer and the decimation of the economy?

    The bad news on the banks keeps on coming. A couple of articles back Tiabbi compared bank actions to the mafia in the instruments sold to local governments in the USA.

    The public doesn't know enough about the economy in general to be able to put their heads around this issue. The main stream media does not have the expertise to tell the story, nor the will since they are in the entertainment and kiss corporate ass business.

    Do you remember how long ago it was that most people identified themselves as being in the middle class. We don't hear that as much lately.

    Politicians are talking about helping out the middle class, after the wreckage has been done. The middle class is under girded by the lower class which has become so disrespect able that the poor are being blamed and more hurt is put on them from the banks and from lack of jobs and from government programs that have been cut. The Republicans are at war with the poor and the Democrats walked away from the poverty issue by 1980.

    The government helps out those in need, you know, the banks and the 1% and the military and the security state.

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