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View Diary: How Hot Has It Been? (and why you should be alarmed) (232 comments)

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  •  It's related to ocean acidification - (0+ / 0-)

    and ocean temperature - essentially if the ocean gets acid enough (and that's not very acid at all, just enough to hinder coral and other sea life from forming shells or skeletons) and warm enough, it will deplete O2 in the water.  That will lead to the current O2 using - and releasing - bacteria being replaced with S2 using and releasing bacteria.  There is a "worst case" scenario that puts enough H2S in the atmosphere to kill off most O2 breathing entities.  It's true that humans may survive because the effect diminishes the further you get from the ocean - but if the mid-continent becomes uninhabitable due to heat and lack of water and the coastal areas become uninhabitable due to H2S in the atmosphere...

    It won't happen any time soon by human standards - we're talking about 5000 years from the time corals can no longer form - but in the geologic timeframe it's tomorrow (or even this evening).

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