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    I've noticed that my local Clear Channel station, KNST, has been running spots by Hannity & Limbaugh ever since the Fluke incident.   These are brief 30-60 seconds of either one making some dumb point and because these replace what would normally be ads, I'm wondering if someone is paying for them?

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      When Premiere Networks (the syndicator for Rush and Hannity) had a lot of leverage a few years ago, they decided to push for all they could get. They required stations that wanted to carry Rush to agree to three hours of Rush recap programming on Saturday (as well as weekdays), donating in-program time for network ads that Premiere would collect for, running brief spots early mornings to hype the Rush Limbaugh show, and paying a fee for the programming on top of all that. Stations caved in to this, because they believed Rush was worth it. Now, some are beginning to have second thoughts. But many are still bound by the terms of the agreements that were signed in the past couple of years.

      I expect the spots that you're referring to (if they're occurring mornings, well before the Rush Limbaugh show) are simply a part of these agreements. I wasn't aware that they were able to get similar agreements for Hannity, but it seems very possible.

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      by Richard Myers on Thu Jul 26, 2012 at 11:10:47 PM PDT

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