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  •  I'm talking about Saad Hariri who is the head (1+ / 0-)
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    Claudius Bombarnac

    of March 14, a grouping that did not come about until after his father Rafiq was assassinated. Saad Hariri himself still believes that the Syrians were behind the killing of his father yet he still went to Syria when the Saudi-Syrian rapprochement occurred a few years back. And if you think someone can't be in coalition with people one was against before, then you don't know anything about Lebanese politics. Walid Jumblatt also believed his father Kamal was killed by Syria yet still paid obeisance to them at the appropriate moments. General Michel Aoun fought the Syrians 20 years ago yet is now part of a coalition in Lebanon with Hezbollah that is called pro-Syrian. Rafiq Hariri was also allied with Syria.

    As for your past paragraph, look in the mirror.

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