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  •  Do you agree with her political views? (0+ / 0-)

    As part of the leadership of the Peace and Freedom Party they do become important.

    Cindy is new to socialist thought,
    You will teach her?
    she hasn't made the struggles in Syria or the MENA a focus of attention AFASIK, like many of us she is subject to repeat what she's heard over and over from people like you and the PSL
    You give me WAY too much credit. I think Cindy Sheehan has much more intelligence than to simply "repeat what she's heard over and over" like some sort of parrot.

    Here's some of her thoughts on Syria:
    Tangled, Weakening Webs: Paraguay, Syria and the Last Ditch Efforts of a Crumbling Elite Class

    Monday, June 25, 2012
    I wonder what it is about Junes and Septembers with our CIA and S.A.?


    It is becoming more and more apparent daily that Syria and all her atrocities is backed and funded by the CIA and that the Houla Massacre was the act of NATO allies not Assad.

    Lets see, that would be Syria that just made trade agreements with Iran and Venezuela. Syria, whose allies and trading partners Russia and China refuse to allow the US to create another Libyan type fiasco.

    Any of us remotely aware at all realizes that Iraq was over oil, and Iran will be over control of the Straits of Hormuz through which it flows.

    Iraq and Af/Pak over-extended our troops, but the uptick, hell tsunami of dronings have eased the need for boots on the ground.

    We are now in:

    Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan Somalia Libya Syria Yemen Uganda

    You do know that Cindy Sheehan blamed the Syrian conflict on members of the Bohemian Grove at the Occupy Bohemian Grove 2012 protest?

    Actually, if I was American I would consider supporting Cindy.

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