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View Diary: NOT BREAKING NEWS: Just another massacre in Syria (30 comments)

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  •  Why should the US intervene in Syria more than (3+ / 0-)

    facilitating the supply of arms to the opposition? The longer the conflict lasts, the more militant fighters (from both sides) will be eliminated. What could be better for the US than two opponents killing each other.

    There will also be more damage to infrastructure and social structures which will leave the country completely powerless and dependent on the west in the end.

    All this for zero costs in American lives and very little treasure. This may sound cynical but if a country's government can let millions of it's own people die due to lack of health care in order to enrich a few, do you really think it cares about the lives of a few thousand foreigners?

    America's foreign policy never changed with the election of Obama. As you know, he kept the same people in charge. In any event, I don't think any president really has the power to change it radically.

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