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View Diary: UPDATED: FSA says it killed Russian General in Syria (43 comments)

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  •  I'll look into it (3+ / 0-)

    However this flies in the face of a news release earlier this year about the North Sea Fleet flagship which the Russians sailed past Gibraltar earlier this year. It was explicitly stated this ship could not dock at Tartus. IIRC the Smetlivy can.  It is not really surprising the Russians would want all of their (very few) seaworthy vessels to be able to refuel there.

    At any rate I cannot say more than what I have already said. There is no question Russia has cultivated Syria since WWII.  The question is, going forward, how will the Russians decide they can best protect that investment?

    There is much evidence that proves Russian has invested in the Assad regime but that does not prove Russian forces are directly involved against Syrian rebels today. There is more than one way to negotiate a naval base, and I don't pretend to be a better chess player than the Russians. I'll wait to see what happens.

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      As of today, the Tarsus base is still basically what you say.  My point was that Russia had planned on turning it into a mainstay of a modern naval presence in the Med, and had negotiated a deal with the regime.

      I read somewhere that there is a quiet deal among the involved powers to allow the Russians to keep the base even if the FSA wins.  Wheels within wheels, eh?

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      by joe from Lowell on Wed Aug 08, 2012 at 12:29:22 PM PDT

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