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  •  Jan-Fox News Hires Gay Rights Activist Sally Kohn (14+ / 0-)

    Fox News Hires Gay Rights Activist Sally Kohn As Contributor

    January 18, 2012 3:41 pm ET by Carlos Maza

    Equality Matters  Sally Kohn

    On Monday, Fox News Insider reported that openly gay political commentator Sally Kohn has joined Fox News as a contributor. As Karoli of Crooks and Liars noted, Kohn is a surprising choice for the network:

        I found it interesting that Fox News has brought on someone who isn't a liberal in name only as a contributor. Kohn's background is not the usual Fox News centrist Conservadem fare: she's got ties to the OWS movement, she has strong organizing credentials, and she's decidedly liberal. Does this mean Fox News is responding to their tanking ratings, or trying to bring someone on they think the conservatives can score points on? If the latter, they may be surprised.

    bolding ~by me

    She is probably being paid for when she is on Fox as a contributor. If you follow the Crooks and Liars link there is an excerpt from a show she was on.

    The first link from Equality Matters talks about her going toe-to-toe with falafel boy.

    I assume when they ask her to write the Liberal viewpoint, they don't pay her for it.

    You’re Damn Right Obama Cares. Why Doesn’t Romney?. ~HELEN of

    by denig on Fri Aug 31, 2012 at 01:45:14 PM PDT

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