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View Diary: The last battle for single-payer (67 comments)

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  •  The Greatest Canadian (3+ / 0-)

         Thanks for this article and the many thoughtful comments....

         Tommy Douglas, the man most responsible for bringing us single-payer universal health care, was voted Greatest Canadian in a television reality show a few years ago... Yes, greater then Glenn Gould, Marshall McLuhan, Leonard Cohen, Wayne Gretzky or  Sir John A. MacDonald....

         Tommy had actually moved on to be national leader of the NDP by the time the fight was won, but he was Premier of Saskatchewan when the fight began.... The success of medicare in that province convinced other provinces and eventually a Liberal federal government to extend the program nation-wide.  He is still loved here for his fiery speeches and fearless fight for the underprivileged...  Ironically, the province he governed for so many years is now a right-wing fiefdom, after achieving prosperity due to record commodity prices (potash, oil and gas, uranium, wheat, etc.    

        Tommy's daughter Shirley, a long-time activist herself, was married to  Donald Sutherland,  so Kiefer Sutherland is Tommy's grandson.....

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