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  •  thinking about religious hate speech and (1+ / 0-)
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    South Park, it seems South Park does not fit the mold of such.  In order for something to be religious hate speech, it would seem that it would first of all not fit the mold of satire, which would exempt South Park immediately.  The second requirement would be that the speech would be false, in other words, outright lies about the religion.  Finally, the third requirement would be that the purpose of the speech would not be to entertain but to inflame passions, most particularly hatred.

    It seems South Park is not hate speech on the basis of any of the 3 criteria.  One interesting sidenote about the "Innocence of Muslims" is that it appears this was a scam of some Islam haters who put up all sorts of cash for a feature length film.  What they got was a 13 minute trailer, or "teaser" designed to encourage them to sink even more money into the project.  Rumors are that over $1M was sunk into the project and only $100K was used in the production.
    Most notable is that no one has ever seen the full length version which supposedly exists; no theater reports ever booking the film; and the actors reported never receiving a full script but doing bits and pieces of apparently unrelated scenes.  

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