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View Diary: Romney's 47% Fiasco Fuels MSNBC Ratings Rout For Rachel Maddow (323 comments)

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  •  It would be really nice if they decided (4+ / 0-)

    weekend programming was important too.  Enough with the prison show.  Good grief.  I know Chris has a Saturday slot now, but it would be great if they could try out new talent on the weekends, but just to have ongoing news coverage wold boost their image.  

    And yes - bringing KO back would be awesome.  I wish I knew what happened there.  Someone said Entertainment Weekly had speculated that The Newsroom was a commentary on that.  I would believe it.

    •  Agree! Enough with the prison shows! (2+ / 0-)
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      Crabby Abbey, Only Needs a Beat

      I would love to be able to flip to MSNBC on weekends, especially just to get an update on news, not punditry.  The only alternative for that now is CNN (errggh). I find myself watching the Texas News Channel, which is just clips fron local news stations around the state.  I know, desperate.  But I do get a feel for the traffic situation in Austin!

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