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  •  Altering Eden (14+ / 0-)

    It's long been known that chemical pollution is having "feminizing" effects on humans and animals.  An irony of this - and of Rush blaming it on women - is that this poisoning is due to the world Rush and his ilk have been so influential in shaping - where (largely male) corporate and political leadership has nearly unfettered access to pouring poisons into the air, ground and water - and uses vast amounts of money and all the deceit this money buys - to block science-based action to protect the environment and public health.  There are obviously more recent books on the subject of environmental toxics' impact on masculinity.  One I remember reading years ago is Deborah Cadbury's Altering Eden: The Feminization of Nature.  From the notes: (

    "Scientists around the world are finding alarming changes in human reproduction and health. There is strong evidence that sperm counts have fallen dramatically. Testicular, prostate and breast cancer are on the rise. Different animal species are even showing signs of "feminization" or "changing sex," the males actually producing eggs like females. According to scientific evidence compiled worldwide, the prime suspect in these worrying findings is the increased exposure to chemicals that can mimic the female hormone estrogen and other hormones.

    "Indeed, man-made chemicals like DDT, PCB and other "hormone disrupters" have become soaked into our environment from their use in countless modern products, from plastics to pesticides. Only now is the full impact of their extensive use coming to light."

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