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View Diary: Jill Biden's 'Double Entendre' Introduction Cracks Up Crowd/Joe/Herself (154 comments)

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  •  The important part (9+ / 0-)

    At 8 seconds she says:

    "I've seen Joe up close".

    Watch her hands.

    From there, the chuckles grow to hilarity from the audience.

    •  up close (0+ / 0-)

      From her hand gesture it appears as if she has seen 'JOE' when he is not all that close and is very good with the whole situation. Good for them. I like the part about his voice when he comes (cums) ... and tells me ....

      I even wish Ann and Mitt happy 'Os' too but that seems a lot harder to believe than the Bidens. Could be a great comedy skit having some talk while the Romney's hit the top. I can imagine her listing all the tax schemes in great detail to push Willard into ecstasy.

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