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View Diary: DKos Polling Aggregate: Is This Why Republicans Hate Education? (44 comments)

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  •  Comparing income vs education (0+ / 0-)

    It seems to me that what you would need to do to have a fair comparison of income vs. education would be to make your charts both ways.


    I suggest making a version of this graph, except instead of having education on the x axis and income with the colored shapes, have income on the x axis and education with the colored shapes.

    I would guess that as income went up, we would see lower Dem support, but in each income group, more highly educated people would be more democratic.

    I think education makes people more democratic, but higher income makes people more Republican. The difficulty is that these effects coexist and cancel each other out to some extent, since better educated people tend to have higher incomes, and since higher income people tend to have better educations.

    Is that true?

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      You are correct in your understanding of the trends but the magnitude is different. Support for Obama increases by about 20 points as you move from high school to postgraduate education, within the same income bracket, and is a significant change. Support for Obama does appear to decrease somewhat as you move up the income scale, within the same educational demographic, but the change is not statistically significant and therefore may or may not be real.

      For example, among the college education white voters, support for Obama is 47±9 for <$30K, and 37±5. The error on these two numbers means we cannot be sure there is a real difference between them, although there is a nominal difference. For those with some college, there is not even a nominal difference (33% for both income extremes).

      We have to be careful about saying either education or income 'makes' people vote one way or another, though... for that you would need a study that follows people's political attitudes as their life circumstances change.

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