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View Diary: DKos Polling Aggregate: Is This Why Republicans Hate Education? (44 comments)

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  •  I can't imagine at this point that it would be (1+ / 0-)
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    anything but excuses.

    I wanted to learn. I still do. I felt incredibly let down by what passed for choices before I actually went to a real live college. And like you said, sitting in a huge class, no questions, all reading, and lectures. I can do that with a VCR pre-computer, and ordering books by mail.

    Now the screwed up part is, that the military encourages active duty people to take coursework from these questionable institutions. I say encourage, but it's really code for, if you don't, you don't make advancement because it shows a lack of initiative.

    And the military gives this credibility. The military builds this crap up to mean more than it does. Why? Because the hole had to be filled, and regular institutions of higher EDU drop-kicked that ball out of sight and out of mind. So in our wonderful capitalist society, someone stepped up to offer the service to others, that was seen as beneath traditional universities.

    We got GIs with government money in the form of Tuition Assistance burning a hole in their back pockets--so why not take that money!

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