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  •  Rahu Emmanuel wouldn't run (3+ / 0-)
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    Even if he did, he'd be too divisive.  Sure, Emmanuel would be able to easily tap into Obama's campaign team as he's been apart of Obama's inner circle and also happens to be the Mayor of Chicago.  However, some things would come to haunt him:

    1)  His actions as Mayor of Chicago in handling the recent teachers strike in the city.

    2)  His apparent willingness to chastise and demean those Democrats who don't vote the right way on legislation.  For instance, when Eric Massa was a Congressman, he pointed out that Emmanuel would actually go into the shower room and poke him when he was naked and got him angry from not voting for President Obama's budget.  Massa didn't vote no on it for the exact same reasons like the GOP.

    3)  Emmanuel is definitely a Washington insider with an insider's perspective.  When Howard Dean ran things as DNC Chairman from 2005-2009, he implemented a 50-state strategy which Emmanuel was against.  The two of them have had a rift about this.  In the end, Dean's strategy proved to be effective and it helped Obama's election in 2008 as well.

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