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    Having failed to fool enough people into supporting them following the release of a secretly recorded video of Mitt Romney in front of his true benefactors, the rich, in which he is caught on tape saying what he really thinks of half the American people that they are lazy and no good, Republicans have now been exposed executing their long planned co-strategy: stealing the election. Thanks to 23 Republican states with new voter suppression laws targeting Democratic voters, all they needed was massive voter registration fraud in swing states to disenfranchise voters by changing their addresses on record so they show up at the wrong precincts. As a backup, they have Republican Secretaries of State in Florida and Ohio that will be happy to certify the election for Romney without counting the votes and Republican state supreme courts which will be happy to affirm the illegal outcome with the corrupt Federal Supreme Court to back them up. This is why Mitt "I want windows that can roll down in case of an airplane fire" Romney is still confident of victory. He knows it will be arranged for him, just like everything else has been for him his whole life.

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