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View Diary: Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation poll: Republicans are all poll denialists (82 comments)

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    The claim that the polls are skewed to help Obama can still be used if the final polls match the election day result and Obama wins. The claim will morph into the polls led people to vote for Obama, and that's why he won. Conservatives (not just Republicans, but independents who won't admit being Republicans, and those bizarre remaining conservative Democrats) are still seeking to delegitimatize Obama and with so many people believing it, it will seem plausible.  I was thinking poll denial was good for a laugh until this PPP poll. Now I'm thinking there's a real problem. Maybe news junkies overestimate how much the general public knows about polls. They may have no clue what they are, and find claims of bias thereby plausible. Probably non-conservatives will be amenable to facts like how many pollsters there are or party self-identification being something pollsters find rather than use as a starting point, but not if they're never told how polls work. If unrefuted, it will become common knowledge, despite being wrong.

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