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  •  I saw this and wondered if anyone else (3+ / 0-)
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    Boris49, Sue B, hayden

    would comment on it.  Thank you!

    Corporate taxes are something of a joke, due to loopholes.  Didn't Exxon even come out ahead?  Personal taxes for the wealthy are also a joke due to loopholes.

    Another gripe of mine is the misuse of the word "math."  It takes an accountant to understand the budget, not a mathematician

    Since Ryan is head of the House Budget Committee, he should be able to explain the basics of his plan in a sound bite.  It's obvious he doesn't want to reveal the GOP's plans.  Those vote- against-ourselves voters might catch on to what's being done to them or planned for them.  Or he's too stupid to explain it in simple terms.  Take your pick.  Neither is very attractive.

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