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    Crashing Vor
    Just wondering why I don't hear this more often when people discuss "saving" the program.
    dr's krugman & stiglitz have been saying it for years now, as have lesser known others. tweaking the law slightly (raising the rate or the income ceiling, for FICA) would ensure solvency for the next 50 years, at minimum. personally, i favor raising the income ceiling, so lower income people won't be adversely affected, but that's just me. it could be a combination of the two, i suppose.

    with respect to medicare, the ACA, and obama's $716 billion reduction in fee payments to provider's is a good start. re-doing the pharmeceutical plan, and allowing medicare to use its bulk buying power to lower costs would represent a huge savings all by its lonesome. if it's ok for wal-mart to use economies of scale to lower its cost of goods sold, why isn't it ok for the rest of us, through our government, to do the same?

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