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View Diary: Republicans plan their October Surprise. Obama, and Pentagon, may well be planning a different sort. (221 comments)

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  •  I have noted a few things about our (6+ / 0-)

    1.) He tries his level best to do what he says in regaurds to terrorists.
    2.) the man has the stones to be patient, to be as certain as he can be that the target is legitimate and the means used to "service"  the target are the best available option.
    3.) When it is time to make the critical choices he does so with forethought as to the aftermath and the possible reprecussions of his actions. I have yet to see a republican president since Ike handle the critical responsiblities as well or better.
    A lot of people talk about 11 demension chess. I call it critical thinking applied to a problem the before the during and the after. That is why the man gets my vote. Not the oratory.  Not the coolness. The ability to think critically.

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